I design websites and apps focused on understanding user.

And I want to help you with your project.

I can help you achieve your goals with

I helped those companies to grow:

Let's create a digital product that will
deliver real effects:

Websites Design

Machines that are providing you clients

Based on expertise and understanding your clients.

Clean, beautiful and completely custom websites.

Designed for chosen goal that is supporting your business.

Websites that are carefully tested and improved over time.

Let's discuss - how can your website help you to achieve your business goals.

User Experience / User Interface

Apps or other digital products.

Strategic experience with clean and modern interface.

Based on psychology, professional processes and expertise.

Apps designed to fulfill your goals and please your end user.

Tested with users to analyse how the interface is used.

Let's discuss how you imagine your project and how UX and UI design can help you.

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I deeply believe that in order to create effective website or application...
we need to understand

your users

and design the solution that will support your
business goals

Not only graphic design.

I believe that, apart from appearance, there is a series of factors that are influencing your user and how he will respond to your app or a website.

Deep understanding of the user perspective and why he is using digital product can help me to achieve the most important goal -

effective website or an application, that is supporting your goals.

Experience Design

Client purchasing process

Goals of user and his motivation

Your product and business

And more other factors...

User Experience is based on meeting and understanding your user

We will boost your business revenue by:

👉 Learning your target audience and your company,

👉 Designing precise strategy and action plan,

👉 Building website or app that will help you develop your business📈!

Let's talk!
No sales! I promise! I want to dedicate half an hour and try to help you!

Designer for UX, UI, Web Project

Portfolio -
UX UI Design and websites

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Why it can be a good idea
to work with me:

Collaboration with UX and UI Designer
of actions

You always know what and why I am doing actions - 100% transparency and reports from the design. Communication is the key.

Highest return on investment for website
Revenue going up after website redesign
Highest Return On Investment

Let's focus on things that matters - on design that delivers results. My goal is not website itself - but your profit.

Designer for UX, UI, Web Project

More about me

Breathtaking graphics + Understanding clients

My name is Wierzbiański Filip. For 5 years I work as a UX / UI designer. My first projects started in high school, where I learnt basics of the image editing software.

More important element, that I understood later, was an expert knowledge from the User Experience or researching and specifying target groups. This component help me to understand my audience and design projects not only beautiful, but also usable and delivering business effects.

I deeply believe that true understanding of your client and their needs is the real key to business success.



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We will talk about your situation and how we can help your business with design.​

This non-binding call can be a start of our collaboration or you can get few tips what should you do on your own, without my help.

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