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What is User Experience?


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User Research Tools and analysis


Rap Battles is a party application for fans of Hip Hop, freestyle and music games. My task was to perform user interviews, design optimal User Experience and deliver nice looking, atmospheric application.

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Project required deep research into target group and designing an app that will work in party environment.

Cards with rhymes

Application imitates real freestyle battles, where 2 players need to improvise by rapping. Application Rap Battles makes this activity simple, by giving players random cards with rhymes

Rap tournament

Game is changing the party into rap torunament that is easy for everyone - skills are not important, it's about good fun.
Game design for app

Project Goals

Researching User In user Experience is important process

Connect 3-8 players on one party and segregate their gameplay.

Branding need to be based on real users insights and data

Create app monetization model based on free and paid app version.

Customer Experience is process of designing experience for customer

Spice up the gameplay, but make it smooth and understandable for new players

Goals for designing applicatio
User Research Tools and analysis


To better understand people that I design for I decided to do user research and investigate context of using party apps.

To achieve it I did a number of studies and mapping of users. All that got me closer to the user needs.

In-depth interview

With future app users. Talking with them to understand their attitude to party apps and what's the way they are playing them.

Testing with physical cards

Testing with physical cards that included rhymes. The outcome of this was better understanding flow of the game and how people react to it.

Creating user personas

Users of the app were divided into 3 groups, that are represented by personas.

Low fidelity wireframes

To come with with ideas fast and smoothly I used sketching low fidelity wireframes. Every next sketch was turning into better and more complex version and in the end it became real high-fidelity prototype, ready for testing.

Usability testing with prototype

Ready prototype was tested, using different scenarios. I tried to learn if it's easy for user to find certain options and if he knows what are the next steps to his goal. This type of testing helps to find gaps in User Experience.
What is User Experience?


Phase of user research helped me to understand their behavior and perspective.

All this knowledge was used in phase of designing UX and UI.

What is User Experience?


For app I also created Website. It's goal is to sign up for Rap Battles newsletter.

Website is currently in implementation phase.

Portfolio of great multidisciplinary designer

What was successful
in this project?

  • Understanding target audience and actually answering their party needs.

  • Designing app that is usable and easy for new users.

  • Creating esthetic and atmospheric UI design,

  • Creating website, that has goal and it's marketing tool.

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